Tenant Guide

  1. Referencing Procedure
  2. Holding Deposit
  3. Admin/Reference Applications
  4. Tenancy Agreement
  5. Payment
  6. Managed Properties
  7. Rental Payment
  8. Notice to end a tenancy
  9. Inventory
  10. Deposit Returns
  11. Tenantsí obligations
  12. Property Inspection
  13. Council Tax & Utilities

Referencing Procedure

All tenants will need to under go a simple referencing procedure once an offer has been accepted. Application forms need to be filled. We utilise the services of various credit-referencing agencies and below is a list of some of the references sort:

  • we need to confirm your employment and salary status
  • identification in the form of a valid passport and/or driving license
  • previous Landlord references
  • students, where accepted, need to provide proof of funding and savings
  • guarantors are normally sort on all tenancies
  • self employed individuals will need to provide letters from accountants or trading history

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Holding Deposit

A holding deposit will be required to secure a property. This is in order to reserve a property and for it to be taken off our availability list. Your holding deposit will be deducted from your initial rental payment. If you pay a holding deposit and subsequently withdraw from the proposed rental then you will forfeit the full amount. If it is found that we, as the letting agent, or the Landlord is at fault, whereby we have breached any agreements, then no deduction shall be made and any deposit will be refunded in full.

A holding deposit is asked for to prove good faith on the side of the tenant. This means the Landlord is able to make a confident decision that the applicant is serious about the property.

More about fees here.

We can then:

  • cancel our ongoing marketing of your property
  • inform prospective tenants that the property is now let
  • prepare a letting agreement
  • prepare tenant referencing
  • prepare to carry out credit referencing

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Admin/ Reference Applications

All admin and reference fees are due at the start of the application process. This is when a verbal offer to rent has been agreed. This will secure the property for you subject to us receiving satisfactory references on behalf of all tenants who are completing the tenant referencing and administration processes.

Please contact to find out our current costs in regards to contract preparation and tenant referencing. In certain circumstances a guarantor may be required and a further charge may be made to ensure you can secure the property you require.

To save time and money it is wise to disclose to us all known relevant facts prior to us undertaking a tenant reference check - all unsuccessful applications fees are non-refundable.

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Tenancy Agreement

Prior to a tenancy agreement commencing both the Landlord and tenant will need to sign an agreement which outlines both parties' obligations. Generally agreements run for twelve months. We will always contact you prior to the agreement date end to ascertain whether you would like to renew your agreement for a further period and we will in due course liaise with the Landlord to organise a new rental agreement.

In general we act for the Landlord of the property. We have a legal obligation to make you aware of that fact. If you have difficulties understanding your legal duties in regards to any contract we prepare for you we always advise you seek legal advice.

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Once a Landlord approves any references and a tenancy agreement is signed and a moving date has been agreed - any monies owed become due in full, less any holding deposits already paid.

Monies owed are normally:

  • A deposit is equal to 6 weeks rent
  • The first months rent in advance

All funds should be 'cleared funds' and ideally be paid via bank transfer into our bank account.

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Managed Properties

We let and manage most of our properties. If this is the case with your property we will let you know before you commence the tenancy. Any issues/faults/problems need to be reported to us in a timely manner so we can rectify any problems as soon as possible.

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Rental Payment

On going rental payments will be made into the Landlords account - we can advise you of the details once the tenancy commences.

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Notice to end a tenancy

To terminate your tenancy agreement - subject to terms - we will normally require 1 months notice in line with your signed agreement.

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A detailed and precise inventory with colour photographs protects Landlords and tenants in the same way. An inventory includes and accuraye summary of every item and it;s condition at the start of a tenancy. The condition of the contents at the start of the tenancy is then compared to the condition at the end of the tenancy agreement and any difference noted.

The initial check is called a check in report and that is compared to a check out report. The professional inventory clerk will provide a fair and expert opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is due to normal wear and tear or whether the tenant is responsible for the costs of maintenance.

A Landlord is well advised to have a property inventory report undertaken. In the case of a tenant dispute and court proceedings you will be able to show that an impartial report was conducted by a third party and this was independent and unbiased. An inventory prepared by a Landlord could be viewed as one sided and biased.

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Deposit Returns

At tenancy end a check out report will be carried out. A comparison of the condition will be made and compared to the check in report which was carried out at the beginning of the tenancy. If no issues are found your deposit will be returned.

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Tenantsí obligations

During the tenancy period the tenant is fully responsible for looking after the property in accordance with the terms of the contract. Simple things such as securing the property and ensuring steps to prevent the freezing of pipework during cold months should be undertaken.

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Property Inspection

If we are also managing your property we will carry out monthly property inspections. This is a standard term of letting through us. We will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time and then assess the condition of the property.

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Council Tax & Utilities

The tenants are responsible for informing the local authority of their occupation and to pay all bills including utility bills, council tax at current levels and other bills such as internet usage.

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