Guaranteed Rent London | Landlords Rent Income Guarantee Scheme

Guaranteed rental income scheme for London Landlords.

So what is guaranteed rent?

Simply put it's 'hassle free letting' with fixed rental income for you the landlord. You will receive a fixed monthly income regardless of whether your London property is let out or lies vacant. You receive rent even if the tenant stops paying us.

We will offer you a minimum 12 month and a maximum 60 month contract where we look after every aspect of your rental. You do not pay and admin fees and there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises mid-way through the rental.

The key difference between a guaranteed rental scheme and the more traditional contract is that we, in effect, become your tenant. The contract is between you, the Landlord, and Us. 

Fixed rental income guaranteed!

If the tenant fails to pay the rent or moves out unexpectedly you still get paid. A fixed amount credited to your bank account every month for the duration of the contract.

No fees

No set up or admin fees. We won’t charge a contract set up fee, or an introduction fee and there are no hidden extras to pay for.

We agree a rental price with you at the start of the tenancy and then we pay that to you on the agreed date. There are no marketing fees because professional photography and floor plans are included.

Free safety checks


For more information see our guide: Which safety certificates MUST a landlord have?

Stringent tenant referencing

Our tenant screening process is very stringent and we always conduct full reference checks including employer reference checks and bank reference checks. See our guide: How we reference our tenants

Free smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms

Not only do we install free smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in your property at the beginning of the tenancy but we also test them annually to see if they are working. Our engineers test your alarms properly by using real smoke and real carbon monoxide to trigger the sensor and create a real life emergency situation. Just pressing a test button on an alarm is only testing the battery to ensure a circuit is being made. The sensor itself is not tested. Read more: Who is responsible for testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms?

Free management

We manage all of our properties when we offer guaranteed rent. It just makes sense that way. This means no late night calls from a tenant complaining they have a blown light bulb, no dealing with little maintenance issues, no arranging annual gas safety checks.

We deal with all tenant issues. This free management offer gives you great piece of mind. Tenants prefer to deal with a letting agent and not direct with a landlord. Some landlords also prefer to deal with tenants directly through the letting agent. See our guide: What's including with the Aaron J Barclay management service?

Free property furnishing

Free furnishing. Sometimes, if we feel it will give that little extra marketing push, we will replace carpets, beds and decorate and furnish the property to a high standard. Contact us to discuss whether this is something we offer in your postcode area.

The advantages of using our corporate tenant service.

We are relocation agents for corporate tenants. Find out more: Advantages of using a corporate tenant location service. We have special partnerships that allow us access to a large amount of corporate tenants whose tenancies and expenses are covered by their employees.

If you are lucky enough to have a well located and well-presented property that is furnished to a high standard you will enjoy the benefits and advantages of letting to corporate tenants.

Why rent guarantee scheme makes sense

Your rent paid - even if the property is vacant.

Two monthly property inspections - we are the only estate agent in London who offers two monthly inspections of rented properties as standard.

This includes a full report, with images which is then emailed to you, the Landlord.

You may think this is too much but issues such as damp or water damage from a leak could be unnoticed by a tenant, and, over time, turn into an emergency situation. This could result in significant work being needed to rectify the situation. We know and understand well how protective landlords are over their properties.

We also check for any other damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear so any issue can be highlighted as soon as is practicable.

Deep cleaning - our short term rental properties include many more inspections and deep cleaning as standard. The property is inspected and cleaned upon a tenant vacating.

Final Summary

  • no contract set up costs
  • no void periods
  • no rent arrears and no associated court costs
  • free management
  • free safety checks
  • free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • free property inventory reports
  • free furnishing and decorating
  • high quality corporate tenants who's rent is paid by their corporations
  • an average of 20 property inspections and deep cleans per year

Contact and reviews

Contact us for a free market valuation on your property. There's no obligation and we won't hassle you for your business. You can check out hundreds of our reviews to see what our customers think of us and be safe in the knowledge that you are getting truly exceptional customer service - an attitude and aspiration that has been with us from the day we were founded.

Our Trustpilot reviews rank us top out of more than 200 agencies.

Our EstateAgentsUK reviews rank us top out of more than 1,000 agencies.

  • The agent from the branch is the best agent I have dealt with. My 2 buy to let properties have been handed over to AJB and I do not see any issues now good corporate tenants have filled the property.

    Melanie F

  • I had a great experience with Aaron J Barclay. They saw to selling my house a few months back and I dont believe another agency could have done better.

    Dylan J

  • I used AJB twice now, once for buying and once for the immediate rental of the same. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. Recommended.

    Stephen M

  • Cant recommend enough for the quality of tenants they found and the communication. Deserved 5 stars.

    Lillian B

  • Excellent and prompt service. Great communication and good admin behind the scenes. I had perfect support at all times.

    Jan L