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The most important steps associated with buying a property are summarised below. If you need any further information or advice, please donít hesitate to contact us.

  1. Sell your existing property (if you have one)
  2. Work out what you can afford
  3. Get a "Mortgage in Principle"
  4. Register with us
  5. View properties
  6. Make an offer
  7. Exchange and complete contracts

Sell your existing property (if you have one)

  • If you are interested in making an offer for a property the first thing you could do is advertise your own property.

    Why? You may find a dream house and want to make an offer. Even though you may be a potential genuine buyer you are not a proceedable buyer. This means you are not in a postion to proceed because you still have your own home to sell. This makes you less attractive to an estate agent or a seller.

    To arrange a free, no-obligation valuation of your home contact us.

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Work out what you can afford

  • Buying and moving into a new home can throw up all sorts of costs.

    These costs include:

    • Mortgage Arrangement Fees - This is a one time fixed fee charged for arranging or setting up a mortgage. Some lenders may waive this fee depending on what product you take out and the terms of the arrangement. We have partnered with a team of professional, independent financial advisors who are experienced and knowledgeable. Feel free to contact us to see what options/products are available to you and what the associated costs would be.
    • Lender's Valuation (Basic Valuation) - All lenders will commission a basic valuation in order to ascertain whether the price you are paying for a property reflects the true value of the property. The costs, which you will be liable for, depends on the value of the property.
    • Professional Survey - Professional surveys consist of either a Homebuyer Report (typical costs £500) or a more detailed and comprehensive report which is called a Building Survey (typical costs £1000) Costs are dependent on the value of your property. A professional survey can be arranged for you through us, please contact us for more info.
    • Legal/Conveyancing Fees - You will need to instruct either a licensed conveyancer or a solicitor when selling and buying a new property. We have preferred partners who we can recommend who can guide you through the complicated legal process. Our partners are experienced and reliable and can provide a range of different and competitive conveyancing options - please ask us to find out more.
    • Stamp Duty - This is a government tax and is charged for all purchase of property over £125,000. Properties of between £125,000 and £250,000 incur a 1% charge of the final price. If the cost of the property is between £250,000 and £500,000 the tax amount is 3%. If the property costs over £500,000 the charge is 4%.
    • Land Registry Fee - The Land Registry is a government department which looks after a register of properties in England and Wales. It charges a typical fee of around £40 depending on the value of the property.
    • Local Authority Search Fees - Local searches are made to ensure that no potential problems exist such as planning permission on neighbouring properties which could impact on your property, or plans for new roads. You solicitor or conveyancer will carry out these searches on your behalf through your local authority. You need to budget around £150 for these searches.
    • Other Search Fees and Disbursements - These searches include an index map, commons, the coal authority, land charge, company searches, bank transfer fees. You need to budget around £80 for these searches.
    • Sales / Estate Agent's Commission - If you are also selling your property before buying another one then estate agents fees need to be taken into account. Fees are normally a percentage of the selling price. Please contact us to see what fees we charge and what related services we can offer.
    • Removal Fees - Those on a tight budget will prefer to pack and move their own things. However, in this busy day and age you might want to seek professional help. Our recommended removal company can take the stress and hassle out of such a large scale job. Please contact us to learn more.

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Get a "Mortgage in Principle"

  • Move fast to secure your new home - get a mortage in principle as early as possible.

    When you find your dream home you'll probably need to move fast to secure it. If you want to prevent being delayed we recommend that you get a Mortgage In Principle agreed with your preferred lender. Having this in place means you'll be able to proceed quicker when the race to secure funds begins. If you get this offer in writing you can show estate agents who will know you are a serious buyer and have funds ready. A Mortgage In Principle is a conditional offer based on what you have told your lender. This helps you understand what you can afford and gives you a considerable amount of confidence to proceed.

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Register with us

  • Once you know how much you can afford the next stage is to register your contact details with us.

    For us to be able to find you your ideal dream property we need to know as much as possible about your search criteria. You can register with us online, by phone or by popping into one of our offices where one of our administrators can assist you with your search. Once we have an understanding of your needs we can filter out the properties that best suit you and can forward them to you by email, SMS or post depending on your preferences.

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View properties

  • View properties

    Start viewing properties. With so many new properties coming onto our books every week you always get a wide ranging choice. From the off, you need to be clear about what you need, what you want and what would be nice to have. For instance is an ensuite bathroom a must have or is it nice to have? It's best to talk to your partner and children if you have any to discuss what would be ideal properties to view.

    Viewings properties on our books

    Viewings can be conducted anytime when we are open and in some circumstances outside opening hours. We always accompany viewings as this is what the vendor is paying us for. We always ask the vendor to be as flexible as possible but understand that a veiwing may not be possible at a certain time and day. After the viewing we will answer any questions or concerns you may have and then follow up a few days later asking for feedback.

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Make an offer

  • The exciting part! - You've found a property that you love and want, time to make an offer.
As soon as you find a property you like we can contact the seller and put in an offer for you, verbally and in writing. We always aim to communicate your offer on the same day. The offer, if of course, subject to contracts being exchanged and there are no legal obligations until this has been done.
Sometimes there is room for negotiation and by working closely with us both buyer and seller can benefit from our expertise and reach an outcome that delivers the best results for both parties.

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Exchange and complete contracts

  • If your offer is accepted the sellers solicitor will prepare a Contract of Sale. Your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will need to go through this contract with you and raise any concerns or issues based on the title deeds and any other related property matters. We can help you to secure the right legal representation. Please contact us to find out more.

    Your solicitor will then reply to their enquiries and questions, complete local searches, obtain a copy of a mortgage offer, signed contracts and a deposit cheque. The deposit cheque will typically be 5-10% of the purchase value of a property.

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Please contact us for any further information, advice or help you may need to help you with buying your next home.

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  • The agent from the branch is the best agent I have dealt with. My 2 buy to let properties have been handed over to AJB and I do not see any issues now good corporate tenants have filled the property.

    Melanie F

  • I had a great experience with Aaron J Barclay. They saw to selling my house a few months back and I dont believe another agency could have done better.

    Dylan J

  • I used AJB twice now, once for buying and once for the immediate rental of the same. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. Recommended.

    Stephen M

  • Cant recommend enough for the quality of tenants they found and the communication. Deserved 5 stars.

    Lillian B

  • Excellent and prompt service. Great communication and good admin behind the scenes. I had perfect support at all times.

    Jan L